W. Crutchfield Williams, II  
(previously dba Crutchfield's Currency)

About Crutch Williams:
A full time Numismatist since 1968, Crutch Williams is now
semi-retired.  He has held consulting positions with Houston
Numismatic Exchange, Inc., Colonial Coins, Inc. and Royal
Coins, Inc. as well as the position of Vice-President at HNE
for several years.  He started his OnLine currency business
in February of 1994 and has seen Internet Business expand
greatly in these very few short years.  While he endevors to
Make a Living with his online business, he is always happy to
assist any collector, dealer, student or museum with any type
project or questions regarding any aspect of paper money.  If
you ever have a question about Paper Money specifically, or
Coins in general, please write him.   Email:  Not Active

Dealer & Numismatic Associations

ANA Member SPMC Member
ANA LM-1543 SPMC LM-0025

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